Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Latest Job Vacancy at Oando: Senior Drilling Engineer


The Senior Drilling Engineer (SDE) function shall be a key member of the OEPL Drilling Team for preparing, planning and delivering wells in OEPL Assets.


  • Assist in the location, set up and maintain OEPL operational base if applicable to include
  • Identify and organize well operations files in a project structure
  • Support and work with OEPL subsurface team on well engineering aspects of field development plan (FDP)
  • Prepare the well engineering aspects of well proposals and assess re-entry feasibility for existing wells
  • Develop and maintain/ensure technical integrity of the drilling and completions programs
  • Coordinate well planning and execution operations. 
  • Prepare and maintain the wells basis of design for all operations (drilling, completion and well test)
  • Organize peer reviews of the wells basis of design/programs (drilling, completions and testing)
  • Prepare technical input and attend Technical Committee meetings with stakeholders and regulatory agencies.
  • Have oversight and coordinate Wellsite operations as well as logistics, equipment, material and personnel support
  • Coordinate the development of OEPL Well Engineering Polices and Standards, Procedures and Guidelines to deliver safe and efficient operations
  • Maintain and close out remedial work plans following audits.
  • EHSQ
  • Maintain well programs in compliance with OEPL Policies and Standards.
  • Confirm programs adequately highlight risks, and include suitable mitigation.
  • Complete necessary exemptions in advance to leave adequate time for project, and Management review.
  • Close out operating failure reports for unscheduled events that occur. Ensure corrective action is completed on time. Ensure Lessons Learnt register is complete and of high quality.


  • Develop and maintain OEPL drilling program processes, and ensure check sheets, are completed.
  • Capture Lessons Learnt in all programs.
  • Provide technical input to bids for services and equipment.
  • Provide technical input to tender reviews as necessary.
  • Challenge engineers to provide technical solutions to unscheduled events.
  • Assist operations in the management of unscheduled events.
  • Administration and training
  • Prepare AFEs
  • Maintain medium and long-term material requirement lists for all wells.
  • Ensure End of Wells Reports are completed on time. 
  • Complete cost reconciliation the end of all wells. Provide cost estimation refinements to the Cost Controller.
  • Develop and maintain Score Cards for services suppliers
  • To direct Junior Well Engineers working on OEPL projects


  • B.Sc. Degree in Engineering discipline.
  • 12 – 14 years well engineering and operational experience.
  • Well Site Supervisory experience and operational knowledge.
  • Valid supervisor level well control certificate (Surface/Floating – combined).
  • In depth knowledge of horizontal, deviated drilling, mud engineering, casing design, completions design and well testing.

Closing Date  :30 / 04 / 2012

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